Flooring Underlayment

Our Underlay contains 96% pre-consumer rubber being recycled to protect the environment, minimize landfills while making LEED contribution.
Colors will vary. Other thicknesses available.

MASS: 68 Pounds I Cubic Foot. Very Dense and Supportive

SOUND: Eco Supreme has been professionally tested using the
American Society for Testing and Material Protocol ASTM
E492-04 and classified in accordance with STM E989-89
earning a classification of 60 IIC, 54 STC. It is further stated that comparing equal thicknesses and equal test methods of other underlays, Eco Supreme will provide superior results of sound attenuation and support. 

FUNGUS/MILDEW: Eco Supreme is non-absorbent so will not support mold and mildew. No harsh chemical treatments are necessary. Floodin will not ruin Eco Supreme.  


MOISTURE: Rubber is waterproof. Eco Supreme underlay is designed for utmost sound deadening and support. If any floor is being in stalled on or below grade professional results dictate that a continuous moistur.e barrier, of 6mil plastic sheet over the
entire floor and extending 1" up the walls under the baseboarc (NO SEAMS) be used.

FLAMMABILITY:Tested as a rubber floor according to BS EN ISO 9239-1: 200􀀊 Used as an underlay, covered by laminate or floating wood
flooring. Eco Supreme meets or exceeds all requirements of fire code.